Desktop Clock: Wallpaper Clock & Live Dock Icon + アプリのレビュー


常に最前面をオンにしていつも左下にアナログ時計出して使ってます。 盤面をもっと質が高くてかっこいいの増やして欲しい








重宝しています。 他の方も言われていますが、もう少し見やすい フォーマットがあれば嬉しいのですが、



Good but not great

This clock works fine, in the overall; but, it has its problems. You cannot move the clock on the desktop by dragging, without first opening the control panel and clicking on the move the clock bar. Also, when you resize the clock, it jumps to the pre-set location and you have to open the control panel, click the move bar, and then drag it once more. It’s way too many steps. Also, the clock selections are, to be honest, generally pretty unattractive.

Great Clock

I really like this app. It works very well and has a lot of face choices.

Just what I wanted.

Works great. Simple and flexible.

Great clock to have on your desktop!

There is no clock in my office, so this Desktop Clock really helps to keep me on schedule and on task. Sure, I could look up at the top left corner of the screen to find the time, but I find it is really helpful to have a nice, big clock on your desktop!

Need to fix the clock disapperaing on the dock

I use the clock a lot. I like this program. The anoying thing about it is tht the clock intermittently disapears from the dock and then if you change the clock face it appears again for a while and then for some unknown reason it disappear again after a period of being on the dock. This behaviour started since Jan 28th release and had not been fixed. Other than that the program is fine

Excellent aesthetic and software craftsmanship - flawless!

I have many software clocks and this one is my favorite for onscreen 24/7. It has worked flawlessly from first El Capitan to current macOS Sierra 10.12.2. With so many options it never gets boring like so many others. Two thumbs up.

Very nice

Love the way that it disappears when the cursor passes near it. Just wish there were Digital styles along with the Analog. Sometimes they just fit in better.

App would be great if it didn't crash

I like this a lot, but every 2 days or so the clock will freeze up and the app becomes unresponsive. You need to force quit it and restart it to get it going again. This is very annoying. I would not recommend it for this reason.

Perfect desktop clock

I somehow lost my old clock - think a Java upgrade killed it. not sure. Anyway, I like an analog clock with numbers on the face in the corner of my screen. I bought several and tried them. At first I was disappointed because there was no way to make the clock “click-thru” like my old clock. And then I discovered that when I move my mouse up there, it disappears, revealing the files and disks. Woohoo! No need to make it semi-transparent. Great selection of watch faces and second-hand movements. I’m a happy clock-watcher now. Even better than my old one. Also, I had a couple of questions about the app, and I received email responses from the developer very quickly. Excellent app, excellent support - nice combo.

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